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What are we?

We are the premiere builders of multi-page, self-replicating 'sizzle' sites for you with your business' main selling points.  We add a form on your home page for visitors to request a free special report from you on your business.  By adding their name and email address, you now know who took a look at your opportunity!  And the system will automatically follow up with them for you with email -- using your name -- continually asking them to go to your main site; the one where they can purchase from you or become an affiliate under you!

Purchase our self-replicating software system for your own business!
  • Use it for your own downline or company - and keep all the profits for yourself
  • Sign on other companies (just like we do) and host their landing pages for them
  • Big money
  • Monthly residual and annual

Click here for more details on running your own sizzle site business


Do you have a network marketing company -- or a large group looking for a consistent "feel?"  We can help you!

Here are some samples:

  • - using a monthly recurring fee model at $9.95
  • - using an annual payment model at $149.95 with built in downline generatio


You get a personal site with all the autoresponse messages pre-written for your business and ready to go!  You don't have to do anything but let folks know your web address.

PLUS you get a full Back Office where you can customize any message from the system, view all of your prospects' names, email addresses and phone numbers, communicate with them and send out email blasts to new prospects.

You get a full Back Office where you can:

  • Create your own in-house mailing list. Automatically capture eager prospects' e-mail addresses with an offer on each page to join your "Free Reports" Newsletter, which we send on your behalf, linking back to your web page and giving subscribers the ability to "opt out" of your newsletter any time, hassle-free.
  • customize any message from the system
  • view all of your prospects' names; email addresses; phone numbers
  • add notes and comments in your contact management system
  • download your prospect data into other databases or mailing systems
  • communicate with them
  • send out email blasts to new prospects
  • send out our unique e-Greeting cards to prospects
  • view statistics reports of website visitation and depth

The autoresponder system above can run anywhere from $10 to $30 per month!  You get both the killer website with streaming audio AND the autoresponder system for just $99.95 a YEAR! (less than $8.35 a month).


What can we do for you?

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