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Start your own sizzle site landing page system - and reap the rewards!

With our easy to use system, you can create a self-replicating lead capture and autoresponder system just like the one we run!

Here are just two examples:

  • - using a monthly recurring fee model at $9.95
  • - using an annual payment model at $149.95 with built in downline generation

Use this income calculator to determine what it takes to reach your goals:

This calculator will show you how much income you can
earn by hosting your own landing page system!
Number of Companies You will Host: 
Number of people getting a site in each:   
Amount you will charge per month or year:   
Total Payout Per Period:   
  1. You get the whole system software - plus an admin control panel to see the status of your site sales.
  2. Pre-made site templates with all images and flash elements
  3. Pre-written starter autoresponder messages
  4. We have plugins for PayPal and payment systems.
  5. We even install it for you!

Your customers get a personal site with all the autoresponse messages pre-written for their business and ready to go!  They don't have to do anything but let folks know their web address.

PLUS they get a full Back Office where they can customize any message from the system, view all of their prospects' names, email addresses and phone numbers, communicate with them and send out email blasts to new prospects.

They get a full Back Office where they can:

  • Create their own in-house mailing list. Automatically capture eager prospects' e-mail addresses with an offer on each page to join their "Free Reports" Newsletter, which the system sends on their behalf, linking back to their web page and giving subscribers the ability to "opt out" of their newsletter any time, hassle-free.
  • customize any message from the system
  • view all of their prospects' names; email addresses; phone numbers
  • add notes and comments in their contact management system
  • download their prospect data into other databases or mailing systems
  • communicate with them
  • send out email blasts to new prospects
  • send out our unique e-Greeting cards to prospects
  • view statistics reports of website visitation and depth


If you hired someone to build this system for you, you would pay between $10,000 and $20,000.  Why recreate the wheel?

The Sizzle site software system is very affordable.

Contact us for more info and pricing -- and let us know you are ready to start!

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